The abdominals are among the sexiest muscles every man and woman wants to tone. Many women find men who have six pack abs sexy. Men, on the other hand, find those women with flat tummies sexy. This is one of the main reasons why many people are looking for ways to tone down their tummies.

Considering the unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle, many people are now considering having a flat and well-toned tummy very healthy. Layers of fats in our midsection is proof enough of how much junk food we eat.

Diet is the Main Reason

Pay close attention to your diet. To tone your abs, you need to switch to healthy foods. Eating beans and legumes is one way to tone your tummy naturally. They will help regulate digestion, burn fat and build muscle. Although it causes flatulence at times, it has very important nutrients like protein, fiber, folate and iron.

Balanced Workout Routine

A balanced workout routine will help you a lot when toning your tummy. Set aside at least twenty minutes 3 times a week for this purpose. This will help raise your metabolism. In order to keep you motivated and to bring about effective results, you need to perform a variety of workouts.

A combination of cardio and strength exercise can give you effective results. A full body high-intensity workout with weights will help in building your muscles as well as burning fat layers. If you want to tone your tummy just combine your aerobic action with your muscle strength workout.

Here are 25 Best ABS workout to get you started :



Try Weight Lifting and Build Muscles

Building muscles will help you burn the extra fats and calories. A very important thing to remember is that building muscles through strength training will allow you to burn calories even when you are resting.

Toning your tummy will need motivation. Without motivation, it is very difficult to achieve a flat tummy as there is nothing that drives you. To keep you motivated, you need to have a certain goal you want to accomplish so badly after toning your tummy. Motivation will build your commitment to losing belly fat.

Regular Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises are very effective as they burn those extra fats around your midsection. It is impossible to have a flat tummy or six pack with all the layers of fat. Regular cardio like swimming, jogging, walking, or taking part in sports will help in burning these layers of fat.

Crunches will help tone your tummy. However, you should not rely on crunches alone to help you lose the extra belly fat. It is wise to start these abdominal exercises after you have lost some of the layers of fat.

To make the crunches more effective, perform different types of crunches. Another very important abs exercise you can perform without any equipment is the bicycle where you try to imagine yourself riding a bicycle on the air.

Flexing and tightening your abs is also another way to tone your abs. all you have to do is to tighten your abs for about 15 seconds then release after you cannot do it anymore. The tension you have while tightening your tummy is very important for toning your stomach.