Are you in desperate need to get in shape, but do not know where to begin? A lot of people can relate to what you are going through. The beginning is always the hardest. If you will not motivate yourself to move and shed off the excess pounds, no one else would succeed in encouraging you that it’s time to learn about the best weight loss exercise.

If you are overweight, the best way to begin is by doing easy and low-intensity exercises. You need to walk yourself through this a step at a time. This way, you can assess your own fitness level and learn about your strengths and limitations.

According to research, low-intensity exercises are effective in reducing body fat. The training offers other health benefits, such as lower triglyceride and glucose levels, and reduced blood pressure. The workout can also help in lowering a person’s cortisol level that is circulating within your system. This hormone can speed up your abdominal weight gain.

Here are some of the low-intensity exercises that you can do to begin your route towards a healthier and fitter version of yourself:

1. Walking

Did you know that walking entails a lot of health benefits and is actually considered as the best weight loss exercise by a lot of people? It is basic and it is free. You don’t need any fancy equipment or clothes in order to get this done, but you need a strong willpower and motivation.


Why did you get that big? It may be partly due to lack of physical activities and exercises. This is the first thing that you ought to change. Once you have decided to get back in shape, you will drop the old habits of slacking and procrastinating. Walking improves the mobility of the lower part of your body. It also makes you stronger.

You can begin the exercise by walking for 15 minutes each day. Walk slow in order to give yourself the chance to get the hang of it. To give yourself some boost to get going, you can reward yourself with a nice pair of shoes that you can use each time you hit the road for your daily fitness regimen. Your goal in the beginning is to be consistent.


Once you have gotten used to the exercise, you can level up to a moderate intensity by making 100 steps for every minute pace. You can get a pedometer to make sure that you are meeting your goal. Gradually, you will add more time to each walking session and increase the number of your steps as well.

2. Strength Training

Strength training exercises will help in developing your muscles. It offers many benefits, such as improving your body posture, increasing the range of your movements, boosting your metabolism and strengthening your joints. It is better and safer to perform the exercises in a gym or hire a trainer to teach you what to do.


Your trainer will assess what kinds of exercises are suited for your level of fitness. Once you have learned the basics, you can invest in equipment that you can use to lift weights at the comfort of your own home.

Just like in walking, consistency is an important part of this training. You have to do it gradually. You cannot spend several hours on your first few days of session so that you can skip doing the exercises for several days. You can begin by spending 10 to 15 minutes in doing the exercises and start with the basics, but make sure that you do it every day until your body has adjusted and is ready for more complicated movements.

3. Tai Chi

This is one kind of a mind-body exercise that is suitable for overweight individuals. You can try the other mind-body exercises, such as Qigong, yoga and moving meditation once you have developed a better balance and body posture.


Tai Chi is a combination of meditation and a series of fluid movements that will improve your balance and increase your range of movements.

The first part of this exercise is to learn and develop its technique. You will do warm up breathing exercises as you try to find your center or core. Breathe through your nose slowly as you feel all the stress and tension ease out of your body. As you get more relaxed, you will find it easier to do the exercises and find your balance and strength. Tai Chi comes in different styles. To make it easier, especially in the beginning, it is recommended that you join a class or find a qualified instructor.

Aside from helping you to get back in shape, Tai Chi can also alleviate many kinds of health problems, such as headaches, arthritis, diabetes, muscular pain, cardiovascular diseases and many more. The movements are easy and can be done no matter what your age is.

Here are some Tai Chi movement for you to get started :


4. Aqua Jogging

This is a good alternative to lap swimming, which is more intense and may be hard to complete when you are only beginning to get fit. Aqua jogging offers the same benefits as walking or running, but this is done without impact. How do you perform this exercise?


Wear a buoyancy belt and go to the deep end of a swimming pool. Make sure that your feet do not reach the bottom of the pool. Move your legs against the water as if you are jogging. You can begin slowly. You will eventually find it easier to perform this exercise and be able to jog faster and for a longer duration per session.

You can perform low-intensity exercises on your own, but it is more enjoyable to do this along with other people. You can ask friends or family members to become your exercise buddies. You can also enroll in a group session that follow a specific and strict schedule that you have to adhere since you have paid to be part it. Find what’s the best weight loss exercise for you and do it religiously, even after you have achieved your fitness goals.