Being overweight and obese is unhealthy. People who are overweight and obese are usually prone to illnesses like high-blood pressure, heart ailments, stroke, arthritis, sleep apnea, gallstones, and problems in reproduction. Likewise, with their physical structure, moving around may be difficult.


Common causes of overweight and obesity are overeating, lack of physical activities, medicines, genetic factors, pregnancy, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise.


However, there are remedies for being overweight and obese like a balanced diet and a weight loss exercise. Below are some exercises that may help a person to get back to his or her old form.




Jogging is a form of long-distance running but in a slower pace. It is less strenuous than fast running. The best time to jog is early morning. Jogging for about two hours a day for 4 or 5 days a week can burn extra calories and shed extra fats that cause obesity and overweight. Aside from being a weight loss exercise, jogging is good for building stamina.


Ovals and along highway sidewalks are the best places to jog. One can also jog using a treadmill especially during rainy days.




This exercise intends to reduce the excess fats in the belly. Bending exercise starts with the person at standing position with the feet at least 18 inches apart from each other. The next step is to place the hands on the waist. After that, bend to touch the floor with both hands. Then, slightly lift the hands and touch the floor again. This should be done in three counts before going back to the starting position at the count of four.


A repetition of this exercise for eight times can burn a good number of calories. This exercise is a good warm-up before jogging.




This is the sitting version of bending. This weight loss exercise starts by lying down on the floor. The next step is to place the hands behind the head. After that, bend forward to touch the knees with the elbows. Then, go back to the starting position and repeat the process for several times. The number of times should increase as the person gets used to this exercise.


Similar to bending, this exercise can reduce the excess belly fats. This exercise needs assistance of another person to hold the feet while lying. If no one is available to assist, placing the feet under the edge of a bed is the best thing to do.


Jumping Jack


This exercise starts with the person at standing position with his or her feet together and the hands on the waist. The next step is to jump and raise the hands overhead for them to touch each other. Then, land with the legs spread some 24 inches apart. After that, the person should jump again to return to the original position, feet together.


Do the exercise for at least three to four times more at the count of 8 for every repetition. After an inhaling and exhaling exercise after jogging, jumping jack is a good exercise to stretch the muscles.


Trampoline Jumping


A trampoline is a stretched strong fabric or cushioned leather on a round or a rectangular steel frame with springs. To begin with, a person should stand in the middle of the fabric and slowly but continuously jump to a manageable height. The process goes on until the person slows down in jumping to return to the original position.


Doing this exercise for several minutes is good for the body. Moreover, a person can do summersaults on a wide trampoline.




This exercise is good for the arms. There are two types of push-up exercises. They are the straight push-up and the eight-count push up.


In the straight push-up, a person drops to the floor facing down. After that, the arms push the body upward and downward until reaching the desired number of repetitions.


The eight-count push-up begins at the standing position. At the count of one, the person drops to a squatting position with the hands touching the floor. At the count of two, the legs are stretched backward. Then at the count of three, the arms lower the body and raise it again at the count of four. The same goes for the counts of five and six. After that, the legs are stretched forward at the count of seven to return to the squatting position. Finally, the person returns to the original standing position at the count of eight.


Brisk Walking


Brisk walking may be similar to jogging because they are both long-distance exercises. However, brisk walking is slower in pace than jogging. This is a good exercise for the legs. Likewise, this exercise also intends to build stamina.


This exercise burns a good number of calories depending on the time spent walking.


Mountain Climbing


This refers to the strenuous exercise and not the actual climbing of a mountain. This exercise starts with the person taking a position similar to the initial position of sprinters in a track and field race.


However, instead of running forward, the person shifts his legs and stays in place until reaching the desired count. This exercise is good for the legs and guarantees weight loss.


Jumping Rope


Another exercise to reduce one’s weight is the jumping rope workout. As its name suggests, this effective activity is done with the aid of a rope. This exercise is done by jumping over a rope at a steady pace. Instead of the arms, one must swing the rope using the wrists. It is also important to keep the chest lifted and to jump as soft as possible.


By doing several routines of jumping rope, it may burn fats and calories faster.


General Idea


Above are only few of the many weight loss exercises that one may consider to get back that old form. These are good not only to remedy overweight and obesity but also to maintain good health.


However, before doing any of these exercises, one must consult a professional medical practitioner to ensure safety. It is a fact that exercise, proper diet, and healthy living are the keys to good health.