Here’s the usual weight loss diet philosophy – take little amounts of calories and burn them fast. Truth be told though, most quick weight loss diet plans never really get dieters to their goal. So, don’t fall for advertising tricks. Instead, carefully assess diet plans to know which one will work for you.

With so many diet plans to choose from, how would you know the one that’s perfect for you? Here are the steps and some tips to get you started.

Talk to Your Doctor

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You need to choose a weight loss diet plan that will not harm your health and the best person you can talk to about this is a doctor. There are a few questions to ask:

  • Your ideal weight loss goal
  • The appropriate length of time to do a certain program
  • The health effects/results to expect
  • Any existing health condition to consider
  • Are you under medication? If yes, ask if it is contributing to your weight gain (and in what way)
  • The foods recommended by the program (consider their palatability, availability, and cost)

Have you tried a different program before? Make sure to tell your doctor about it. He’ll probably direct you to some support groups or other professionals that he knows – nutritionists, weight-loss coaches, and dietitians. Consider your doctor as your partner in this journey.

Do a Diet Quiz – A Few Questions to Answer

A diet quiz is one of the tools that can help you determine a good diet plan and check your readiness to do a program. Common questions include:

  • How much weight do I want to lose? This is basic and you should know the answer early on. The farther you are from your ideal BMI, the higher your target will be.
  • How easily can you do it? Possible choices for this question are fairly easily, somewhat difficult, and very difficult.
  • Your age category might also be included in the quiz. As you might know, metabolism tends to slow down as a person ages.
  • What is the reason for your weight loss goal?
  • Do you have problems with eating sweets and starchy foods?
  • Are you willing to cook and do meal planning?
  • When it comes to weight loss diet plans, how flexible can you be? Answers for this are a lot, moderate, and very little. The very little choice means that you may just leave all decision-making to the coach. In this case, he will do all the planning for you. Picking another choice means that you want to be either in full control or partial control of your plan.

At the end of the exercise, you will be shown how to rate your answers and how to interpret the result. You may be advised to follow a traditional plan consisting of variety of foods – whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Another option would be to focus on protein, which means your meals would be high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Doing a “meal replacement plan” may also be suggested. This plan type will require you to use nutritional products such as protein shakes to replace your regular meals.

Try These Weight Loss Diet Programs

Here are some easy programs you can ask your doctor about. If you feel that a program is not risky, you can try it out without asking for an expert’s opinion. Read online reviews about the program to know what’s happening to people who have already tried it.

  • The 3-hr diet – This is a diet that restricts the portions of food that you eat. Eat small portions every three hours. The theory behind this is that eating small portions continually stimulates metabolism. Your metabolism will work at a high rate and burn fat faster. There are no food prohibitions for this diet so you can continue eating fried chicken, bacon, and even candy bars.
  • Atkins Diet – If you are willing to cut sugar and flour, and increase your consumption of low-starch vegetables and lean protein, this is a good diet plan for you. The focus here is maintaining a healthy level of blood sugar. The assumption is lower carbohydrate consumption allows the body to burn excess fat fast.
  • The Best Life Diet – This diet is meant to help those who overeat. With this plan, you will be able to change your eating and exercise habits, and the way you live towards a healthier you. It was originally designed to contradict programs that promise to fix the problem quickly.

What should you expect from the Best Life? It will lead you to the discovery of the reasons why you are not in the best of shape. Along the way, the program will help you undergo physical, emotional, and mental transformations that will guide you through the rest of your life.

  • Blood Type Diet – The assumption for this diet is that a person’s blood type (A, B, AB, or O) is the determinant of how he digests food proteins (also called lectins). For a certain person, there are bad and good proteins. Eating bad proteins is the main cause for health problems that include slow metabolism and bloating.



  • The Cabbage Soup Diet – These are for people who need to achieve weight loss in a short period of time. If you want to look fit for a certain occasion that will take place in a matter of days, this diet can do the trick for you. The program is executable for one week within which you would allow yourself to eat only meals of limited amounts and consist mainly of cabbage soup. The program promises to shed ten pounds off your body within the given time.

There are surely many more options that can’t be mention here. Well, whatever you pick, make sure that you are determined to keep going till the goal is reached. Keep watch over your cravings. This requires mental toughness. When the craving starts, divert your attention elsewhere. After two or three months or maybe less, you will thank yourself for having taken the first step.